Prenatal Care in Mount Pleasant, SC

Prenatal care is the treatment you receive while pregnant. This care includes the monitoring of your baby and regular checkups. If you’re pregnant or thinking of getting pregnant, visit our obstetrician for prenatal care in Mount Pleasant, SC. We will go over your medical history, including:

  • Menstrual cycles
  • Medication use
  • Lifestyle habits
  • Recent travel history

At Mount Pleasant OBGYN, our prenatal care will consist of regular checkups, physical exams, lab tests, screening for fetal abnormalities, and any issues you may be experiencing while pregnant. Trust our OBGYN in Mount Pleasant to take care of you and your baby while you are pregnant. At our medical facility, we also have a pre-natal program includes regular medical check-ups for the expecting mother, patient education, access to birthing classes, family education for every member, and more. Visit Mount Pleasant OBGYN for your prenatal care. Call to schedule your appointment with our caring obstetricians.