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Understanding Fibroids

Fibroids are abnormal growths in the uterus. These non-cancerous masses grow slowly and are very common, with approximately 80% of women developing them by the time they turn 50. The exact cause of fibroids is unknown, but is associated with hormonal changes, pregnancy, and a family history of fibroids. Most women do not experience symptoms and are unaware the fibroids are present until they have a pelvic exam. When symptoms occur, they include:

  • Heavy Bleeding during Periods
  • Extended Length of Periods
  • Pain in the Pelvis
  • Frequent Urination
  • Constipation
  • Back or Leg Pain

Even when fibroids do not cause any immediate problems, if left untreated they can continue to grow, eventually causing pain or heavy bleeding. For this reason, being aware of their presence is beneficial to determining the next steps.

Treating Fibroids

In some cases, fibroids cause no symptoms and are discovered as a result of a pelvic exam. While they will not go away on their own, they may shrink after menopause. In other instances, fibroids can cause heavy bleeding and severe pelvic pain. They also can potentially impact fertility. Therefore, treatment options for fibroids range from simple observation to traditional surgery. Depending on your individual symptoms and medical history, we will explore treatments that include:

  • Monitoring over time to observe changes or improvement.
  • Inserting an IUD that releases progestin to regulate your menstrual cycle.
  • Prescribing oral medications such as tranexamic acid or birth control pills that help control menstrual bleeding.
  • Performing a minimally invasive procedure such as uterine artery embolization, hysteroscopic myomectomy, endometrial ablation, laparoscopic myomectomy.
  • Conducting traditional surgery including abdominal myomectomy or hysterectomy.

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